How to shop

You can shop by 3 channels

 Inbox facebook page koffeetools

  1. Line @koffeetools
  2. Website

How to shop on website
1. add product to cart


2.  Click "Continue shopping " if you want to select others items . Click " Proceed to checkout" if you want to go to next step.

3.  Click "guest checkout " to fill details of shipping in next step or click " register " to fill your delivery information.(Next time, you will not fill your delivery information again. )

4. Please fill yours delivery information all blank and click " next "

***If you nedd a Tax invoice , click in front of  "use tax invoice" and fill the details.


5. Click 3 things follow the picture and your order is completed. Every details of your order are sent to your email.

6. If you have already paid , you can click this link  Inform payment to confirm your payment.
- If you have already registed member , you can choose purchase order number then you can upload pay-in slip.
- If you haven't already registed member , you can click to inform payment page by email or confirm purchase order page. Moreover, you have to fill the details by yourself.

7. If the products are sent , tracking number will be sent to your email and you can check status of delivery at this Link .



- ค่าจัดส่ง EMS +50 บาท จากยอดรวมสั่งซื้อสินค้า


ส่งสินค้าจันทร์-อาทิตย์ วันละ 2 รอบ (วันอาทิตย์ ส่งรอบเช้ารอบเดียว)

1. รอบเช้า ตัดยอด 8.00 น.
2. รอบเย็น ตัดยอด 17.00 น. (เฉพาะวันเสาร์ ตัดยอด 16.00 น.)
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